The Oohlas

This site is not the official Oohlas website and is going in a new direction, but if you are looking for more information on the Oohlas, you can find it here,  to facebook twitter soundcloud, youtube.

The Oohlas are made up of Olivia Stone (vocals/guitar), Mark Eklund (bass/vocals), Hayden Scott (drums) and Greg Eklund(vocals/guitar).

They met in Los Angeles when through Stones aunt. Mark introduced her to Greg who had a studio and they soon went to work.

There LP “Best Stop Pop” was released on September 26 2006 on Stolen Transmission, a subsidiary of Island Def Jam. In May 2007 they sighed with island Records and then released an EP entitled Chinchilla in 2009 after they had broken away from Island Records.

The band has shared the stage with, among others, Sean Lennon, The Raveonettes, Giant Drag, Burning Brides,Carina Round, the Duke Spirit and Men Women & Children.

They are featured on the soundtrack for the Spider-Man 3  movie , with their song “Small Parts”

Kesha, She Dropped the “$”, But Gained So Much More

KeshaKesha recently spent two months in rehab for bulimia and anorexia. Now she’s out, she has done something that both the majority of her fans and her detractors have wanted for a long, long time: she’s changed her name from “Ke$ha” back to “Kesha.” Gone, now, is the eye-catchingly ostentatious dollar sign that denoted money, glitter, and excess; returned is a regular lowercase “s”—a much simpler and versatile character, which is the kind of performer Kesha now hopes to be.

Goodbye, X Factor USA

On February 7, 2014, FOX announced that the American version of “The X Factor” would not be renewed for a fourth season, following declining ratings and Simon Cowell’s decision return exclusively to the UK version of the series. While it was never the explosive hit that “American Idol” was in it’s prime, The X Factor will be missed for some of the things American Idol never really gave us.

A Case Against Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s popularity cannot be denied, but is it in any way still justified? People hate on The Biebs for a lot of reasons, from his hair to his inability to understand how belts work to his seeming lack of interest in ever acting like an adult. But there are some actual, justifiable motives to dislike the guy at this point, and you should take a moment to read and think about at least one of them for the next time an 11-year-old Belieber accuses you of “being a hater for no reason.”