The Oohlas

This site is not the official Oohlas website and is going in a new direction, but if you are looking for more information on The Oohlas, you can find it here: facebook, twitter, soundcloud, and youtube.

The Oohlas are made up of Olivia Stone (vocals/guitar)Mark Eklund (bass/vocals), Hayden Scott (drums) and Greg Eklund(vocals/guitar).

They met in Los Angeles when through Stones aunt. Mark introduced her to Greg who had a studio and they soon went to work.

There LP “Best Stop Pop” was released on September 26 2006 on Stolen Transmission, a subsidiary of Island Def Jam. In May 2007 they sighed with island Records and then released an EP entitled Chinchilla in 2009 after they had broken away from Island Records.

The band has shared the stage with, among others, Sean Lennon, The Raveonettes, Giant Drag, Burning Brides,Carina Round, the Duke Spirit and Men Women & Children.

They are featured on the soundtrack for the Spider-Man 3  movie , with their song “Small Parts”

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